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No matter what your preferred style—from modern and sophisticated to classic and traditional—Manna Homes is here to help you rejuvenate that outdated bathroom into the amazing bathroom that you have always wanted. From minor bathroom renovation, such as shower remodeling, to complete bathroom remodeling, our team of highly trained professionals will provide quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We will work with you in the bathroom design process and come up with a plan of action to fit your budget. Get that spa-like bathroom you have dreamed of, or just simply update that outdated bathroom that you have been enduring—let’s get started, rejuvenating your home and making it look amazing!

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Kingwood's Best Bathrom Remodeling

Your dream bathroom is right around the corner.

As a premier bathroom remodeling company in the Kingwood’s area, we have established ourselves as an industry leader.  Our team provides friendly customer service, quick response times, and high-quality work for more than 20 years in home remodeling.

We can help you realize your dreams for your home, and we offer affordable and honest work, performed by highly trained technicians. Our  24/7  emergency services are here to help you in the event of a home emergency.


12 Basic Steps In The Bathroom Remodeling Process:

  1. Obtain a Kingwood’s city permits where applicable pertaining to job
  2. Apply floor coverings and dust-prevention materials in preparing for demoing.
  3. Disconnect & remove any old plumbing while the walls are open.
  4. Install new plumbing, electrical in walls or in flooring
  5. Call for city inspection if applicable
  6. Patch walls, flooring pertaining to work once city inspection is approved
  7. Install new tub, shower tile, acrylics, marble, etc
  8. Install flooring and base molding if applicable
  9. Install vanity & toilet
  10. Install plumbing fixture trim
  11. Paint & Install any items like shower towel holders, toilet paper holder, lighting trim
  12. Thorough clean up & walk through with homeowner/inspector

Have you ever searched the web for an affordable bathroom remodeling contractor in Kingwood, TX and came up short? There are tons of general contractors that specialize in bathroom remodeling but very few really know how to keep bathroom costs low. In Kingwood, where minimum wages keep going up, Manna Design and Remodeling  has found ways of keeping bathroom remodeling costs affordable by recycling what we can, using affordable materials made available to contractors, and by taking care of our bathroom remodeling crews to work harder, faster and smarter than the average contractor. 

Our bathroom remodeling contractors believe communication and transparency. Our project managers keep our customers informed on the timeline of the bathroom remodeling, and find ways to speed up the remodeling process by ordering ahead. Our bathroom contractors never cut corners, use sloppy installers or abuse customers’ trust.

Looking for a free bathroom estimate? In Kingwood, we are the go to contractors for bathroom remodeling and design. We are affordable bathroom remodeling contractors with over 15 years of remodeling experience helping homeowners in Kingwood remodel efficiently.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Kingwood, TX

There are tons of contractors that provide bathroom remodeling in Kingwood, but few can compete with Manna Design and Remodeling unmatched customer service, deep discounts, and expert bathroom installations. We do bathroom remodeling faster than other contractors in Kingwood. Our initial free estimates for bathroom remodeling covers your entire scope of work, keeping little in the dark. Our bathroom remodeling contractors provide free estimates throughout Kingwood, TX.



  • Shower Enclosure
  • Replacing Tub with Shower
  • Bathroom Vanity Repair
  • Bathroom Tile Installation
  • Mold Removal from Bathroom
  • Bathroom Painting
  • Ventilation and Bathroom Windows

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