Our Process

At Manna Homes, we care for our clients and prioritize your renovations.

Learn about our process and how we plan to walk alongside you through every step

Pre- Construction

Design Home Remodeling Kingwood, Tx

During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss the capacity of the project, including timeline and budget. 

At Manna Homes, we value your home improvement desires/ideas and offer alternatives, if necessary, based on our experience.

We provide free estimates to make this process for you smooth, simple, and satisfying.

At Manna Homes we care for our clients and prioritize your renovations. Making wise spending decisions for your home, based on how long you plan to stay after the remodel, the initial value, and the resell value after the remodeling. 

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During the actual construction of your renovation project, Manna Homes will be exceptionally careful with your home to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Feel free to reach out to our team during any phase of the project.

Post- Construction

After we’ve rejuvenated your home and made it look amazing, you will do a walk-through with one of our experts, and complete a punch list with us to ensure you are fully satisfied with the outcome. 

Manna Homes cares and values your satisfaction. 


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