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Learn about our interior home remodeling services. No project is too big for Manna Homes. From flooring, doors and trim, to bathrooms, and kitchens … we do it all! 

Browse through our array of remodeling services to get an idea of what we can do for you. 

Home renovation is about discovering what your house can be, and letting us put in the work to make it happen.

Manna Design and Remodeling LLC does our share of straight-up kitchen and bath replacements, but we are perhaps best suited for more complex projects that call for more than refreshing tired finishes. With our architectural background, we are a perfect fit for designing and executing more substantial, whole house renovations/expansions that require expertise in building form and proportion, interior space planning, permitting regulations, and technical know-how with respect to structural, mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems. These larger projects are quite honestly best left to pros like us—transformative renovations that make an old house new while respecting its history, spirit, and character.

Our renovation services include, but are not limited to:

We understand that true satisfaction depends on results. And powerful results that delight our clients is the focus of our business.Your home renovation deserves more than cheap materials slapped together as fast as possible. That’s why we’re not competing at the bottom of the barrel or offering bargain bin prices.

Choosing a respected general contractor company with a solid reputation by and large guarantees a good experience for your home remodel.

  • Kitchen/Bathroom Transformations
  • Updating your home’s design
  • Changing layout including removing or adding walls
  • Adding new spaces
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase home value before selling
  • And more…

Over two decades of experience as full-service remodelers has taught us that planning, honest communication and integrity are just as important as high quality craftsmanship. And it’s very important to us that you love the process of working with us as much as you love your new space. That commitment is what keeps our clients returning to us and telling their friends and family about us year after year.

Whether your house is brand new to you or you’ve lived there for 20 years, we look forward to meeting you to see if we’re a good fit to Make Your Home Your Own dream home.

Kingwood's #1 Home Renovation Company

Manna Design and Remodeling LLC is taking Home Remodeling in Kingwood Tx, to the next level of general contracting. Not only is the company’s culture and process a change of pace for the construction industry, it’s by those same fundamental core competencies that Manna has built its game-changing, revolutionary foundations on. It’s no secret: Remodelers and contractors alike have a bad reputation when it comes to customer service and experience. This is where Manna comes in. The overwhelming need for someone to not just simply be “better”, but to be different.

At Manna Design and Remodeling LLC, we understand that the best living spaces are about the people who live there. We go above and beyond home remodeling and construction services in Kingwood. We help you transform every part of your home into something you are proud to reside in and absolutely love.

At Manna Design and Remodeling LLC, we strive to be different. We want to change the way you view Remodelers and Contractors. Our team of customer service representatives, Renovation Specialists, and Project Managers are dedicated to delivering a unique experience and unmatched quality in Austin remodeling. We believe you should love where you live, and that core value drives the way we do business. 


Manna Design and Remodeling LLC does home remodeling in Humble TX different from the rest. We provide a complimentary consultation for each prospective customer because we believe you should have the opportunity to share your ideas and ask questions before making important decisions about your home. Our goal is your happiness, and we aren’t happy until you are 100% satisfied.


Convenient Home Renovations Near Me

Top-notch renovation results don’t happen by accident. In every case, collaboration and detailed planning among all involved parties is essential. Plus, remodeling is like building a house with a house in the way, where every client and problem they’re trying to solve is unique.

Clients come to us in every phase of the process. Some have full construction plans already in place, some only have ideas about what they’d like to do and some don’t need construction plans at all, only help selecting finished materials.

Whether the solution involves an architect, plan designer, interior designer, vendors, trade partners, city inspectors or multiple members of the family, we thrive on starting with each client wherever they are in the process and bringing together the best team of professionals that’s right for them.

For anyone not sure where to start in the process, we suggest selecting a contractor first. This can save time and money later rather than spending money to design the ideal remodel plan, only to find the cost to build it is over the available budget.

Being a full-service remodeler means that we love all types of home renovations, including kitchens, bathrooms, whole-house remodels, floor-plan layout changes, attic build outs, back porch conversions and additions.



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