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Manna Homes is here to help you turn your dated kitchen into the beautiful kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. From minor kitchen renovations to complete kitchen overhauls, our team of highly trained professionals will provide quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Your kitchen is important not just for cooking meals, but for creating beautiful memories with friends and family for years to come.

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High-Quality Kitchen Remodeling, #1 in Kingwood!

Manna Design and Remodeling LLC is a full service, licensed and bonded home remodeling service provider in Kingwood, TX. We are proud to serve residents in and around the northeast Houston, Texas area and surrounding areas, bringing them top quality Kingwood’s kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.

Manna Design and Remodeling LLC of a team of well trained, highly skilled and experienced builders, designers, project managers and administrative staff who work together to deliver truly amazing customer service to our clients. Our expertise spans all areas of residential remodeling needs including kitchen, bathroom, and basement to full home renovations.


Our builders and project managers have the necessary license that allows us to provide you the full service you deserve. We will work with you from conceptual design through completion of construction and also ensure to keep you informed and updated with the progress of your project.

Kitchen Remodeling Kingwood: How to Get the Perfect Look

 The first thing you want to do for any Kitchen remodeling project is to set a budget you can work with. Your Kitchen remodeling budget should be large enough to address all your needs within the kitchen, while being small enough to afford. If you are planning on selling your home in a couple of years and want to get top dollar for it, then investing in a kitchen remodel is not a bad idea.

This is where an Interior Designer can help; a designer can help you establish a budget, while helping you select materials like tile, paint, and countertops that are within your budget. A professional Interior Designer will make sure you steer clear of any materials that might be out of your reach, thus possibly blowing your entire budget. In our experience customers can be shocked by the total price to build their project, but it’s because people often forget about the labor costs involved in building a kitchen. Hiring a professional makes the entire process easy and hassle-free because you’ll know that all your selections fit within your budget. Sure, a homeowner can choose to do all the material selections by themselves, but it might take twice as long, or the materials might not be of good quality. During our complimentary consultations we often get asked if we allow customers to purchase their own materials, and the answer is no. Why? When customers purchase their own materials they often choose the cheapest options, which can end up being more expensive in the long run. Inferior quality materials tend to break or fail more often than not, and we cannot offer any type of warranty because we did not purchase these materials on your behalf.

The typical Kingwood’s kitchen remodel includes a fully tiled backsplash, stone countertops, porcelain sink, and fashionable plumbing fixtures. They also feature high-end appliances to complete the look of luxury, but we will be talking more about appliances in another section.

White cabinets continue to be the most popular cabinet color. They are clean, modern, and liked by all. Custom cabinets are perfect for large kitchens; pre-manufactured cabinets are best suited for smaller kitchens. At higher price points you can begin to incorporate designer features like faucets and cabinet pulls.

Rated #1 Kitchen Remodeling Company in Kingwood

A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to bring about the kitchen of your dreams. It allows you to add beauty and functionality to your old kitchen. And to do the kitchen remodeling, you need to hire the best general contractor near you.

Manna Design and Remodeling LLC is a family-owned, licensed, and insured Kingwood’s kitchen remodeling contractor offering custom kitchen remodeling services at affordable prices. We have been providing quality remodeling solutions for the homeowners in the Kingwood area for a long time. Our efficient and professional team of specialists will ensure quality work and a stress-free process at your home.

As an outstanding kitchen remodeling company in Kingwood, we understand that going into a kitchen renovation project can be a big deal for homeowners. That’s why we guide our clients through the entire process, from initial consultation to the completion of the project. Along with the kitchen, we are also remodeling bathrooms, room additions, new constructions, architectural designs, and more throughout Kingwood, TX.

We will work with you to bring your design vision to life. With many years of experience combined with unmatched professionalism, we can help you with all your kitchen remodel needs. Whether you are looking for a kitchen makeover or need kitchen additions, you can count on us. No matter how complex your project is, we can handle it efficiently. No job is too small or too big for us.



These are the specifications that are included with our kitchen remodeling project:

  • Walls and ceiling renovation
  • Floors and plumbing
  • Wood cabinets, wall cabinets, base cabinets
  • Granite countertops
  • Tiled backsplash
  • Installation of other appliances

Want to get a kitchen that is both functional and attractive? Interested in working with us? Then come to us! Call now : 7137572790 or send us an email and we’ll give you a free consultation.


Kitchen Remodeling Near Me

Looking for The Best Kitchen Remodeling Near Me?

When it’s time for a kitchen remodel, you won’t always know it. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be falling apart with peeling tiles or leaky plumbing for you to decide it’s time for a change. Perhaps you’re simply tired of the scenery and the old appliances. Maybe you feel you deserve more counter space, or cabinetry, or an oven that’s smoothly integrated into the space.

But the most common reason for a remodel has to do with space. If you don’t have enough space, you cannot cook or clean with ease, let alone entertain guests while you do it. Remodeling your kitchen can open up the space so you can do more.

Remodeling a kitchen means assembling a team of trustworthy specialists licensed to do the work, gathering the supplies, ordering the parts, filing the right paperwork, and doing everything it takes to see that your design vision comes to life. Let someone with many years of experience help you out from the very beginning.

Whether you’re planning to install soft-close cabinet doors or create an open concept floor plan, we’ll help you reimagine the heart of your household. Planning a kitchen remodel in Kingwood is a big undertaking, so we take it just as seriously as you do. 

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Being a full-service Kitchen remodeler means that we love all types of home renovations, including kitchens, bathrooms, whole-house remodels, floor-plan layout changes, attic build outs, back porch conversions and additions.

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