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Manna Design and Remodeling LLC works with several of the largest tile suppliers in Texas. This allows us to review 100s of tile options to select the one which best fits your décor and preferences.  With over 25 years of design experience we begin your project with a free in-home consultation to review your vision and provide recommendations based on style, stone type and color scheme. Since your project is our portfolio, we look forward to designing and installing tile that will bring the most out of your room (not your pocket).

From kitchen remodeling projects to bathroom renovation, flooring, to landscaping, Manna Design and Remodeling LLC can complete the home-improvement process with ease. Whether you need a full-service bathroom rehab or a simple floor refinishing, they can do it. “We can’t do it all – we have years of expertise, so we focus on the most critical areas and complete those tasks first while working with our contractors on a realistic schedule,” says Manna.

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